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You don’t realize it now while you’re focused on centerpieces and bridesmaids dresses and what colors to include in your florals, but photography is one of the only things that lasts past your wedding day (besides your own memories!). Your photos are something that will only increase in value over time, because it will be all you have left to remember the most important day of your life together. Of course, you’ll get all the family shots, every possible detail and whatever other photographs are most important to you! But I want to give you something MORE. Something that you’ll be able to look back on again and again, that will always take you back to these precious moments.

I want to document the moments you’ll show your children, your grandchildren. Every time you look back on them, you'll remember exactly how it felt. Maybe how that moment smelled. How the sun felt on your skin in that very moment. They’ll see the depth in those pictures, not some awkward staged photos, but photographs that truly show the love you have for each other, from your loved ones, and your incredible wedding day. 


hopeless romantics,



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